Tuesday, 9 June 2009


1.Djimon Hounsou hails from The Republic of Benin, was a popular male model before he took up acting, he his the fourth African to be nominated for an oscar and has been nominated twice ( Blood Diamond and In America), best known for his role in the Steven Spelberg movie Amistard and also acted alonside Russel Crowe in the award winner movie Gladiators. He is dating Kimora Lee, owner of Baby Phat, they just had a baby.

2.Idris Elba an only child to a father from Sierra Leone and mother from Ghana, he is currently one of the most sought after black actors in Hollywood. He also acted with Beyonce in the hit movie Obsessed, also in American Gangster.

3.Arnold Vosloo, South African best known for his roles in the Mummy and The Mummy returns and was also in Blood Diamond.

4.Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Nigerian actor whose roles include Congo, The Bourne Indentity, The Mummy returns and the hit TV series OZ, he was in Get Rich or Die Tryin alongside 50 Cent was also in the TV show Lost as Mr Eko.

Omar Sharif birth name is Michel Demitri Chalhoub, he is a pioneering Egyptian actor who has starred in many Hollywood films. He is most famous for his roles in Doctor Zhivago, Funny Girl and Lawrence of Arabia. Sharif has been nominated for an Academy Award and has won a Golden Globe.

6.Chiwetel Ejiofor is another Nigerian that has made the list, he his best known for his role in the movie Four Brothers where he acted alongside Tyrese, Mark Wahlberg and hiphop superstar Andre Benjamin of the group Outcast, has acted alongside Denzel Washington in the movie American Gangster. and also acted alongside Djimon Hounsou in Amistard.

7.Bambadjan Bamba is originally from Cote D'Ivoire, was in the movie I think I love My Wife alongside Chris Rock. He was also in the popular TV shows Sopranos and Law & Order. He his refered to as the young Omar Epps.

8. Boris Kodjoe, is a Ghanian actor who has been building up a reputation mostly in TV shows, he was in shows such as Eve, All about Us and Madea Family Reunion.

9.David Oyelowo is a Nigerian actor best known for his role in the Last King of Scotland and also the popular TV show, The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

10. Joseph Olita is a Kenyan actor who is known for his very convincing role as Idi Amin, in the movie Rise and Fall of Idi Amin. He also acted with Denzel Washington in Mississippi Masala. He was in Sheena the Warrior Princess.

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