Tuesday, 13 August 2013


There are 56 countries in Africa, which have been listed below with the colours depicting their locations. North African countries are depicted by the colour blue, West Africa green, while East Africa are red. Central Africa have been given the colour brown and the Southern African countries white.

Country                                  Capital
Algeria                                    Algiers
Egypt                                     Cairo
Libya                                      Tripoli
Morocco                                  Rabat
Republic of South Sudan           Juba
Republic of Sudan                    Khartoum
Republic of Tunisia                   Tunis
Western Sahara                       El Aaiún
Benin                                      Porto-Novo
Burkina Faso                           Ouagadougou
Cape Verde                             Praia
Cote d'Ivoire                           Yamoussoukro
Ghana                                    Accra
Guinea-Bissau                         Bissau
Liberia                                     Monrovia
Mali                                        Bamako
Mauritania                               Nouakchott
Niger                                       Niamey
Nigeria                                    Abuja
Republic of Guinea                   Conakry
Senegal                                  Dakar
Sierra Leone                            Freetown
The Gambia                             Banjul
Togo                                       Lomé
Burundi                                   Bujumbura
Eritrea                                    Asmara
Ethiopia                                  AddisAbaba
Kenya                                     Nairobi
Madagascar                             Antananarivo
Mauritius                                 Port Louis
Republic of Djibouti                  Djibouti
Seychelles                               Victoria
Somalia                                  Mogadishu
Tanzania                                 Dodoma
Uganda                                   Kampala
Union of Comoros                    Moroni
Cameroon                               Yaounde
Central African Republic           Bangui
Chad                                      N'Djamena
Democratic Republic of Congo  Kinshasa
Equatorial Guinea                    Malabo
Gabon                                    Libreville
Republic of Congo                    Brazzaville
Sao Tome and Principe            São Tomé
Angola                                    Luanda
Botswana                                Gaborone
Lesotho                                   Maseru
Malawi                                    Lilongwe
Mozambique                            Maputo
Republic of Namibia                 Windhoek
South Africa                            Pretoria
Swaziland                               Mbabane
Zambia                                   Lusaka
Zimbabwe                               Harare                              


  1. This is a very informative list, as are many on this website, I'll look to spread the news...

  2. Well this can really help many to know about their continent

  3. Well this can really help many to know about their continent

  4. Wao. It was so helpful. But i cannt find Rwanda. You said there 56 countries but you only account for 54. Thank . Keep up the good work. Thumbs up