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There are many wonderful places to visit in Africa and it has become a favorite destination for many vacationers. If you love amazing and rare animals and exotic scenery then Africa is the place for your next holiday. The top ten most amazing places to see in Africa are going to be covered here to help one make a choice of where on this fascinating continent would be the most fun to spend time exploring.

 Kenya has amazing variety and is one of the best places to visit in Africa. Kenya’s South Coast has the luxurious beaches and is a tropical paradise that is unequaled anywhere in the world. Malindi, an island in the area offers tropical resorts that are unparalleled and as grand as any resorts that can be found in the Caribbean. The sanda are a crystal white and the waters are clean and blue. Arabuko Sokoke Forest is right there and offers incredible sightseeing and tours. Animals and countless tropical plants are able to be viewed here and the sWahili trade towns wind through the woods. Kenya never stops surprising tourists with its diversity and is a great destination for any traveler.

Africa’s North Coast

In order to get to the North Coast of Africa a traveler must fly into this incredible area. As it so remote. One can hire a vehicle, there are regular busses that travel throughout Africa, and the North Coast is no exception. It is an amazing place to visit in Africa that hold “lost town” and there are rides through the rivers and mangroves available. In Africa, one need never be without a tour guide to explain the flora and fauna. The North Coast is a famous and gorgeous place to spend time when you visit Africa.


Aside from being a visually incredible area, Tanzania holds the mines that were discovered in 1966 where the famous Tanzanite gems are mined. Since they have become so popular it is almost mined out making tanzanite stones second only to diamonds in value. The mines can be toured for a small fee and are a piece of history as the one generation stone of this century can only be found in this amazing town.

The Serengeti

In Africa, the Serengeti is one of the most amazing sites that one can visit. Animals roam freely across this stretch of land that will be shown to travelers by jeep and other vehicles. Prepare for this once in a lifetime experience by having water and snacks ready. Some of the locals sell these when you hire a guide. Animals that have been spotted on the Serengeti by travelers include giraffes, wildebeests, lions, and zebras among others. This chance to see animals and the vast scenery is a rare opportunity and is a must for those who wish to visit Africa.


Zimbabwe is in southern Africa. It is another visual delight and when in Zimbabwe all travelers should visit the spectacular Victoria Falls. They are massive in expansion  sand aside from being visually amazing one can swim in the waters at the tip of the falls where it is not dangerous. Victoria Falls has places to view it from and sprays up into the air for incredible photo opportunities. Jungle around the area makes this a particularly beautiful trip.

Cape Town

One cannot visit Africa with stopping in historic Cape Town. Deep in Southern Africa, the town is beautiful to view and it also holds beaches and Table Mountain at its center. It is known for cultivating wines and for fine dining. One can visit the place where the famous Mandela was incarcerated for a visit and a taste of history.  This area is known as Robben Island and is well worth the historical trip for anyone who visits Africa.  Shopping in Cape Town is also a strong attraction and a great reason to holiday in this area of Africa.

This city is a must see for all who holiday in Africa. It is one of the most ancient cities in the country and it sits along the Niger River. It is a great shopping destination and holds a great mosque, one of the most amazing in the world known as the Grand Mosque. Trade and bartering for handmade African goods are available here and there is enormous history in Djenne as it was a trade route at one time for traders through the deserts.


Zanzibar even sounds exotic and it is. One of the most interesting places to visit in Africa, it is overflowing with wildlife and is not far from Tanzania. Seeing both towns with a tour guide in one day is well worth a visitors time and money., Zanzibar offers visitors a chance to see amazing animals and beaches that are of such pristine beauty that they are hard to equal anywhere in the world. This is a definite place to visit in Africa.


Algeria is at the tip of Africa and it holds amazing shopping and incredible food. It is best to visit Algeria with a tour guide as the area has had some unrest. However, the scenic beaches, the shopping and the fine food is worth a trip to this amazing part of Africa where both Arabic and French are spoken/ As Algeria was once


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